Database Support Service

The importance of managing a Database is known when a company despite of having a very good team of developers fails to synchronize and manage their database in a proper manner. Such a disorganized database management system without proper support makes that software not worthy. With ClinicalHawk, we provide support services across various database platforms such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL and MySQL including database installation services, database design services, tuning services and backup strategies.

Database Support Services at ClinicalHawk ensures that our customer databases are protected and well monitored by establishing timely backups and recovery procedures with providing a well maintained and secure database environment, along with monitoring database performance.

ClinicalHawk has a specialized team of data experts who are responsible for the storage, retrieval, and security of your digital data. As a database specialist, our duties include not just designing database elements, but retrieving data for reports, as well as maintaining secure data backup systems, for running required tests on database systems, eventually debugging database issues.

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Key Features of Database Support

Database Activity Monitoring (DAM)

DAM refers to the process of observing then identifying and reporting the activities of a Database. DAM tools make use of security technology in real-time in order to monitor and conduct analysis independently on configured activities without relying on DBMS auditing or obtained logs.

Database Upgrades

Upgrades are very important when it comes to Databases as these refer to identification of bugs, unknown internal errors and relevant technical issues, so that these can be resolved with no further delay, hence reducing the downtime.

Disaster Recovery and Backup

The process of file replication that are stored at a pre-designated location is referred to as Data Backup. Whereas Disaster recovery refers to a system that assists restorage of those files following any cataclysm.

DB Performance Tuning

Database Performance Tuning refers to a broad spectrum of the ways database administrators make sure that databases are running efficiently. The term DBMS tuning basically means tuning of queries for known database management systems like the MySQL or the Oracle.