ClinicalHawk IWRS

Our IWRS Systems (Interactive Web Response) offers a full-fledged Randomization and Trial Supply Management, also called “RTSM”. ClinicalHawk IWRS with its rare features, plays a vital role in managing and tracking products throughout the clinical trial. ClinicalHawk IWRS has a very user-friendly interface flow that proves to be useful in all types of trials. ClinicalHawk IWRS and IP Supply Management Solution are easy to set up and use. Moreover, our Intuitive Interface allows users to set up Randomization and Inventory Management just within a few clicks.

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ClinicalHawk IWRS is the next generation tool, that is committed and fulfils all the requirements like Randomizing the subjects, IP Inventory, IP chain Supply and so on. ClinicalHawk IWRS has the capability to easily integrate with other tools such as CTMS and EDC.

Being a RTMS system, ClinicalHawk IWRS serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it eliminates selection-bias and limits the predictability of allocating treatment enabling treatment group balance. Secondly, it optimizes clinical supplies management and inventory tracking ensuring that right investigational products are available and always makes sure that they are assigned to the right subject at the right time.

ClinicalHawk IWRS and IP Supply Management solution is easy to set-up and use. This Intuitive Interface allows users to set up Randomisation and Inventory Management within few clicks.

The entire system can be set up and made operational in just a few hours!

Highlights of ClinicalHawk IWRS System

Reduces risk in any trial

Boosts Productivity with Improved Data Quality

Ability to make easy and quick updates

Perfect for your Supply Chain Optimization.

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Increased Start-Up Speed

Reduction in Overall Trial Drug Management Cost

Mid-Trial changes made Easier and Faster

Assurance of an Uninterrupted Drug Supply

Faster Enrolment

With 24/7 availability of web interface, the process to register and enrol subjects becomes very quick into your study.

Leverage Integrated Solutions

Integrate ClinicalHawk IWRS with other third-party data systems such as EDC and CTMS.

Better Statistical Analysis

Randomization improves the blinding process and limits predictability by allocating subjects to study groups in an unbiased manner and better aids in statistical analysis.

Quicker Deployment

Achieve quicker deployment for protocols requiring complex randomization designs.

ClinicalHawk IWRS System Key Features

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Based on Artificial Intelligence

Flexibility in Depot Supply and Management

Simplified Subject Screening Process

Dynamic Randomization Ability

Drug Supply Management

Efficient Management of Unblinding in Treatment

Unbound Accessibility from Anywhere and Everywhere

Flexible to be Integrated with EDC and CTMS

21 CFR Part 11 Compliant

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Dive-In for ClinicalHawk IWRS hOT pICS!

Secured System

Security is an utmost priority in an Industry like ours. Maintain the Security of your Study’s IP Supply Management using our system with ease.

Subject Visit Schedule

Have an easy glance on the visits done and hence forth with a perfect display via calendar and colour legend indications.

IP Management

Need to manage your IP’s Supply Chain? Make use of our IP Management module and checkout for yourself.


Looking for a variety of reports and custom ones too? Then checkout our Reports with numerous options available.

User Profile

Manage your Profile with our most User-Friendly flow. Experience our My Profile user space.

Project Setup

Go ahead and setup your Study using ClinicalHawk IWRS and feel the change. Checkout our Project Setup module.

Compliant With

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