ClinicalHawk eTMF

Our electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) simplifies today’s over-engineered products and implementations by empowering oversight without busting the budget. ClinicalHawk eTMF software is one of its kind for managing documents in real-time as the TMF is generated to ensure a constant state of inspection readiness, increase visibility oversight, and improve collaboration.

etmf in clinical trials

Highlights of ClinicalHawk eTMF

Always Inspection Ready

Following DIA TMF Reference Model

Role-Based Access Control

End User Customizable Reports

etmf in clinical trials

Reduced TMF Operational Burden

Comprehensive Search Capabilities

Reduced Regulatory Risks

Cost Effective (Negligible Paper Work OR Labour Expense)

On Air Notification

Automate Process

On Time Audits

Customizable User Roles

ClinicalHawk eTMF Key Features

ClinicalHawk ETMF

Robust Access Controls

Inbuilt & Configurable DIA TMF Structure

Audit and Inspection Readiness

Risk Reduction for Inspection Findings

Real-Time TMF Insights and Oversight

Live Tracking of Missing Documents

Document Lifecycle and Version Control

Bulk / Quick upload under one hood

Faster User Adoption

Reduction of Administrative Burdens

ClinicalHawk ETMF & RM

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ClinicalHawk eTMF&RM


Secured System


ClinicalHawk eTMF&RM


User Dashboard


ClinicalHawk eTMF&RM


Cross Platform Availability


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