ClinicalHawk CTMS

ClinicalHawk CTMS is a next-generation Clinical Trial Management System, which allows to efficiently manage multiple clinical studies and obtain real-time information about Recruitment across sites, Budgeting, Expenses, Invoicing, Scheduling and Monitoring of Site Visits, Site Reports, Team Management, Study Documents, etc. ClinicalHawk CTMS is Flexible, Scalable, and Easy to Integrate with other systems.

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Highlights of ClinicalHawk CTMS

Study Document Management

Easy and Customizable Reports from End Users end

Subject Management

Site Management

Integrated Workflow

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Intuitive User Interface

Drug Supply Management

Financial and Budget Tracking

Robust Monitoring Capabilities

Adverse Event Tracking

Centralized Database

Cross Platform

User-friendly Dashboard

Flexibility in Communication with other Systems


For Something REALLY Big is Coming Your Way!.