Our Healthcare Solutions

Before we introduce you to the Healthcare Products ClinicalHawk proudly houses, let us first understand the meaning and inclusions of a Healthcare system. A healthcare system is basically any organization, institutions or research laboratories that deliver healthcare services to meet the health-related requirements of their targeted audiences. In order to do so, these bodies require access to a combination of information and technology that can support their idea of providing the best results with accuracy and within a very stipulated or preset timeframe. Here’s exactly where our products come to their rescue.

We provide various Healthcare Solutions that can be customized as per the client’s requirement. Checkout our following inhouse product range and choose the best suitable per your requirement.

ClinicalHawk IWRS

ClinicalHawk IWRS is a power packed valuable asset in our Clinical Toolkit that enables you to not only build a process for subject enrolment as well as for randomization, but also aids the management of global IP supply chains, Making use of an intuitive web browser interface.

ClinicalHawk eTMF

ClinicalHawk eTMF is a Trial Master File in electronic or digital format. It is a way of digitally capturing, managing, sharing and storing various essential documents and content from a clinical trial. Moreover, it can be observed that since last decade, using an electronic TMF has gained a significant importance in any pharmaceutical or biotechnological industry.

ClinicalHawk EDC

ClinicalHawk EDC is an electronic data capture system that can is specifically designed for collecting clinical data in an electronic format to make use of it in human based clinical trials. Our application streamlines the gathering of trial patient data for early to later-stage clinical research phases, as well as post-approval studies.

ClinicalHawk CTMS

ClinicalHawk CTMS is a software system which is used by biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries to manage the clinical trials in clinical research. Our application possesses the required set of all tools necessary for effectively planning, managing and tracking of your clinical study and related portfolio.