About ClinicalHawk

ClinicalHawk is a cluster of products that are highly efficient to satisfy the global software requirements for the pharmaceutical research and development industry providing solutions over the cloud. Our brand aims at helping achieve our client’s business goals and addressing their business problem or overcoming the issues they are currently facing with their in-use systems from any of the competitor products that they might be currently using.
Our idea about ClinicalHawk is to build robust systems that not just satisfies our clients basic requirement but also continuously enhance our products with upgraded versions in order to make the user experience ultimate and user friendly throughout by implementing the most practical, innovative and cost-efficient technology solution(s).
ClinicalHawk is set with a goal to assist our clients derive a greater value from their investments in technology by deploying cost- efficient regulatory compliant solutions that can scale along with their business growth.

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Driving Success Through Purposeful Engagement

At ClinicalHawk, we’re driven by the purpose of ‘building your purpose behind your business’. This fundamental premise differentiates our model and engagement approach, where your success becomes the very core of our relationship. We have designed a unique model where meeting the clients’ needs comes first. This enables us to be agile and responsive in developing tailor-made solutions that meet our client’s (your) needs. We believe in customer-first, and everything is aligned to deliver this promise.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enhance Healthcare by reducing the time and cost of Clinical Trials by creating and executing the best creative technologies.

We envisage ClinicalHawk to be the integrated eClinical outlet of options for small and medium CROs and pharmaceutical and academic organizations in the global market.

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Our Channels

The brand named ClinicalHawk, is a result of sheer dedication and hard work of many behind the stage. Our team works on a solid channel of Product & it’s Advancement.

Predictive Analytics
Predictive Analytics is a term derived from Predictive models that are based on MLA (Machine Learning Algorithms) these predict the outcome of a Clinical Trial/Research. At ClinicalHawk we apply Predictive Analytics to improve the success rate of Clinical Studies with respect to Subject Recruitment, Adverse Event Management, Risk-based Site Monitoring and Better Data Management.
Custom Oriented approach

Looking for a custom development? Not to worry! ClinicalHawk is here for your rescue…
At ClinicalHawk, we satisfy all your business requirements and we develop solution based on your inputs.

Virtual Clinical Trials
ClinicalHawk has a plan for all! With our integrated product solutions, be it ClinicalHawk IWRS, ClinicalHawk EDC or ClinicalHawk CTMS; we make a perfect fit for organizing Clinical Trials remotely. Our solutions are very user friendly and deliver optimal satisfaction in terms of usage and output. Our system generated reports are in variety and easy to understand.
Regulatory Compliant
Agile Methodology
Budget Friendly